How to Participate

Participation by your business is easy and can be customized to suit your needs and your customers. If you would like to join other businesses in helping their customers support the conservation of our Verde River watershed, contact Melissa Robinson at 928.242.7463 or email us.

How It Works for YouOFTV_Logo_ConservationPartner-JPG-2-300x300

If your business contributes a 1% of sales donation, that’s just 3 cents on a $3 cup of coffee, 40 cents on a $40 bottle of wine or about $1 on a hotel stay.

Pennies at a time!

If 1% of a sale seems awkward, there are other easy ways to contribute:

      • Switch your credit card processor to National Processing Solutions and select One for the Verde as your charity choice. This option costs nothing as you pay for CC processing already. NPS will donate 20% of the gross revenue received from your business to One for the Verde!
      • Target a specific product or service and donate a percentage of those sales.  Example – A restaurant designates a special dish as a Verde dish, then donates the net proceeds (or portion) from the sale of that dish (or drink).
      • Some businesses make a personal donation every month.
      • Donations at register.
        1.”Round up” to the next even dollar option.
        2. Credit card donations can be accepted if you add a PLU # for $1 donation or $5 donation etc.      That makes keeping track of donations easy.

If you want to participate, and don’t find an idea here that works for you, talk with us and we’ll work it out.


Businesses who work with programmable cash registers can add a line to appear on the receipt that indicates to the customer that a 1% voluntary donation has been made to the Verde program. This can be removed if customer declines but that is extremely rare. Most contributions are less than $1.

Businesses can display a One for the Verde placard that says something like  “This business donates 1 penny for every $1 you spend here. Thanks for supporting our river!”

We have people who can help with register setup if you need support.

We can also put you in contact with similar businesses who can explain how they have worked it out.

Educating the Customer

One for the Verde Handout

We have window signs, point-of-sale displays and brochures that provide customer
notification. Most businesses put one at the customer entry and one near the cash register or check-out counter.

This is all the notification you need. We do not expect you or your staff to explain the program to every customer transaction, unless they ask directly – which is rare.

Tax Deductions

Customer donations are not taxable to your business, so long as you pass those donations on to One for the Verde. Your business cannot write off customer donations either.

If you choose not to collect a donation from your customers, but make the donation yourself, then your business is entitled to the tax deduction.

Credit Cards

If the transaction is charged to a credit card, the additional transaction charge is very small and painless for the business to absorb the cost (3 or 4 cents per $1).

For example, if you have $10,000 in credit card sales and 1% ($100) goes to One for the Verde, your additional cost for collecting the donation is around $3.00 which itself is tax-deductible to you, or you can deduct the fee from your donation submission.

Sending Collections

Most participants in these programs choose to send their collections to the One for the Verde Program when they pay their sales tax, usually each month. We can supply stamped, addressed envelopes if desired. You may also choose to pay on a quarterly basis, if this is more convenient.

We send monthly letters to keep you updated on our progress.

The amount of donations from each business will be kept strictly confidential.

Where does the Money go?

Starting June 1, 2016, One for the Verde started a self-sustaining program model as start-up grant funds have ended. Businesses contributions still go directly into a savings account used only for projects. One for the Verde’s operating expenses (mostly our coordinator position salary) will be paid for with grants and larger donations from patrons.
If you would like more information on supporting One for the Verde through a grant or donation, please call Friends of Verde River Greenway at 928-301-4934 and ask for Laura Jones.

Any local non-profit organization, municipality, or person dedicated to restoration and preservation activities in the Verde River watershed may apply to One for the Verde for project funds. A Selection Board, made up of participating business owners and community leaders, will choose the recipients.

 Please remit funds to:

One for the Verde
P.O. Box 3352
Cottonwood, AZ 86326